Recruitment Process Software

End-To-End Recruitment Software - Simplified Hiring Process

KonnectCo Recruitment process software is an easy-to-use Online Recruitment Software, that helps HR Departments to track their

  • Current job openings
  • Resumes
  • Candidates
  • Clients
  • Contacts

with a single click

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing

Use Multiple sources for potential candidates from job boards like Naukri, monster, LinkedIn to Employee Referral

Application Tracking

tracking candidate

Track the progress of your hiring our comprehensive candidate tracking system

Online Evaluation

online evaluation

Test your candidates with our comprehensive testing platform. Pick from the list of predefined test manuals

Recruitment Analysis


Monitor recruitment activity through our advanced dashboard and analytics. Review activity of each recruiter by client and position

Reporting and Metrics

Track performance with key recruiting metrics such as time to hire, costs, source of hire.