Appraisal System Software

KonnectCo Appraisal System will automate the employee performance appraisal process and make it easier to share and update the information round the year.

What KonnectCo system will do for your business ?

Productivity konnectco

Increases Productivity by Giving You

  • Personal objectives aligned to your business goals
  • Employees who are more and more focused on the key business activities
  • Business progress measured against agreed targets throughout the year.


Improves Efficiency By

  • Reducing paperwork and minimising effort
  • Ensuring key tasks are not overlooked and are completed on time
  • Giving you secure access to performance data anywhere and anytime.

appraisal software

Streamline Your Performance Appraisal Giving You

  • Clear and easily accessed goals and targets
  • Improved content and consistency with the appraisal process
  • Clearer and less subjective decisions and feedback given





Implementation is very fast and simple, as there is absolutely no software to install and therefore no impact on hardware.

After the initial configuration users can gain access to the system via a secure web connection, allowing the employees and management to access their performance appraisals from any PC with an internet connection 24/7.